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Many homes in Toronto and the GTA have bay windows nowadays. And it's no surprise as to why this has come to be. Bay windows add great value to a home. Inspired by Victorian architecture, they are designed to give the illusion of a larger room and offer a panoramic view, typically of beautiful scenery such as a ravine, a city skyline, or even a body of water if you're fortunate enough to be living by one.
But what exactly are bay windows, what are they used for, and what advantages do they offer?
What are Bay Windows?
Bay windows, simply put, are windows that protrude outward from the general exterior of a home. They come in a variety of polygonal shapes, the most common of which is the trapezoidal window with the smallest part of the trapezoid being the farthest away from the house. At minimum, bay windows have three window panes joint at different angles. The middle window is usually the largest one, offering the widest view and allowing the most light in. In more modern luxury homes, some bay windows reach from the ground to the ceiling, often cupping a staircase and spanning multiple stories. Bay windows come in a variety of styles and materials. Some come in standard sizes manufactured in a factory and ready for installation, while others are custom-made specifically for the home in which they are being fitted. They can be made from a number of materials, the most popular being aluminum, fiberglass, and wood.
The Many Uses of Bay Windows
How you use your bay window is ultimately up to you. It depends largely on the room in which it's in. Here are a few suggestions for how one may wish to take advantage of the extra space afforded by a bay window:
  1. Place a few rocking chairs in front of a bay window and voila! Now, you've got a bright, tranquil area which you can use to study, read, reflect, or even just observe the world outside.
  2. A Bay window in the kitchen makes for a great spot to place some flowers or plants. They not only give you something nice to look at and smell, but also beautifies your home in a way that the neighbours can notice too.
  3. Transform your dining experiences into 5-star restaurant accommodations with a scenic meal every night of the week! It may force you to reconsider your TV dinner routine.
The Advantages of Using Bay Windows
Besides the obvious way in which a bay window can increase your home value (i.e. the increased square footage), it can also turn any room in the house into a large, bright, and beautiful area that boasts a panoramic view. Moreover, picture a square box. Now picture a box with multiple angles and varying wall sizes and lengths. Which one do you think is more eye catching? Undoubtedly, the visual appeal of a bay window makes it a favourite among homeowners.
The Advantages of Using Copper Hoods For Your Bay Windows
If bay windows are the eyes of your house, then copper hoods are its eyebrows. They sit atop the framed roof area over the bay windows accentuating them with a beautiful burnish colour, giving your home an enchanting, unique, vintage look. They may vary in shape, size, and angle. Some are are curved, while others are flat, and they play an important role in protecting your windows from rain water, diverting it instead away from the exterior of the house. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, copper is also rust-proof and extremely durable, which makes it an ideal choice for structures that get a lot of exposure to the elements.
Don't Take Chances With Your Copper Bay Window Hood Installation. Call a Professional!
Copper hoods that are not installed properly can spell catastrophe for the bay windows that they cover as well as the walls from which they project. A poorly installed bay window hood can leak water onto the window causing mold, rotting, and quite possibly more serious structural damage to the walls of the house. Avoid this risk by hiring a professional contractor like CopperWorks Canada to do the job. Our team of skilled and courteous experts will do the job quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, correctly. Contact CopperWorks Canada today!
If you are interested in purchasing new copper bay window hoods, please visit us at our main site or call us at 905-831-6434.

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